Gold Foil

The fillings you see in these slide shows are known as gold foil restorations.  Gold foil restorations are fillings that are the most healthy and longest lasting of all the technique to repair a patient’s tooth.  They are made out of 24 carat gold.

There are very few dentists who know how to do this technique.  Some consider it “old” technology.  However, I am interested in health and longevity for my patients.  This filling technique should not become a cosmetic issue because these fillings are placed in areas, and in ways, where they are not visible in normal smiling or talking.

They simply are the best, longest lasting and healthiest fillings you can receive!  For example, white fillings tend to fail after about 5-6 years, silver fillings after 10-12 years.  Gold foil fillings, on average, should last 40-50 years before they need to be repaired not replaced.

Molar Cavity then Prep and Final Filling

Replacing Old Amalgams with Recurrent Decay with Gold Foils